DID YOU KNOW... September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?


If not, now you know and it's time to KICK IT! YOU can help me and other local fitness instructors raise awareness and $$ towards pediatric cancer research. It's simple - and we have your fitness and health in mind in our offer to YOU!


My name is Kim MacDonald and I am a Certified Fitness Leader offering fitness classes in the Stratford/Charlottetown area. I recently held charity fitness classes in Stratford which proved to be very successful. At that time, a donation of $2241.78 was made to the "Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation".


Seeing that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to continue this charity work and decided to reach out to local fitness instructors for their interest in participating in a weekend fitness event - hence why WE are now here!     .......... READ MORE

The Gold Ribbon Campaign


Callum Russell MacLean was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in September 2011, when doctors found a cancerous tumour in a muscle in his hand.


After almost a year of chemotherapy and radiation, Callum’s scans looked good.


But in February 2013, Callum and his family got the devastating news that the cancer was back and it had spread.


Callum passed away in April 2013 at the age of 15.


When Callum found out he had cancer he had a wish: That there be a ribbon to create more awareness about pediatric cancer, and to raise funds for research to try to prevent and treat it.


The Gold Ribbon Campaign was started to honour that wish.

Campaign Raises over $12,000 plus for Childhood Cancer Research


In just two short months, the Gold Ribbon Campaign has raised more than $12,000 for Pediatric Cancer research in Canada.


The Gold Ribbon Campaign was started in PEI in March, to honour a wish by Callum Russell MacLean, a 15 year old Stratford boy, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, and despite a brave fight, died from the disease in April 2013.


Callum's wish was that there be more awareness about childhood cancer, and more money raised for research to prevent and treat it.


The Gold Ribbon Campaign Website has information to spread awareness, and invites Canadians to donate on-line, in Callum's memory.


A Stratford fitness instructor, Kim MacDonald, is offering charity fitness classes every Thursday until

 June 20 from 5:30-6:30 at the Stratford Town Hall. Admission is by donation to the Gold Ribbon Campaign. These classes have already raised more than $1,200.


Unlike cancers in adults, which can take years to develop, cancers in children tend to develop relatively rapidly, during the time when the child is quickly growing and developing, such as the first 4–5 years of life and again between the ages of 15-19.

Because of the rapid cell development and growth during this time, there is an increased chance that a mistake can happen during cell division and that cancer can develop.


Every year about 1,700 children in Canada are diagnosed with some form of childhood cancer. And about 10,000 children in Canada are living with some aspect of cancer, or its long term effects.


For more information about the classes, email kdmfitness@hotmail.com


For more information about the Gold Ribbon Campaign, go to www.goldribboncampaign.ca

The Gold Ribbon Campaign promotes creating awareness of childhood cancer, offers support to families,

and encourages support for medical research into prevention and treatment.